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6 Online Map Makers Make Big Nonprofit Impact

Are you ready use an online map maker for your cause? Maps are a high-impact way to show off your nonprofit’s local ground game, surface your global impact, or motivate supporters with trending data. Why Maps? Image credit: MapCharts The heat map of U.S. gas prices above visually lays out the scope of an issue […]

How Do You Teach Soccer In A Pandemic?

Online Course Platforms Go Hybrid During COVID With in-person events curtailed due to COVID-19, soccer coaches, musicians, and film critics are combining online course platforms like Zoom, YouTube, Google Classroom, Eventbrite, and even EA Sports’ FIFA soccer game to create powerful learning experiences. By putting these long-existing tools together, these educators are also attracting new […]

Featured Snippets: Reach Your Nonprofit Audience Now

Make mobile friendly nonprofit content with Featured Snippets — Meet your supporters where they are — on the phone, asking questions. Google Featured Snippets get right to the point. Since so many searches are questions, Google selects the best answers and loads short segments at the top of the search results. Featured Snippets are also […]

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