Email Newsletters Unlock Your List

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Marketing experts know that when it comes to getting to yes, email can a better tool than your website or paid internet ads. The numbers speak for themselves. According to the Content Marketing Institute, email newsletters rank high for securing, nurturing, and converting leads.

It turns out that email, the thing everyone says they hate, is the thing people engage with on a deeper level than websites and social media.

While the marketing language of securing, nurturing, and converting leads may sound strange to nonprofits, your donor leads work the same way. The people on your email list are already in what we’ll call the fundraising funnel. They know your work and are inclined to support it. So they need to be part of any fundraising strategy.

5 Tips for Email Newsletters

  1. Headlines and subject lines are critical. Use headline and subject line formulas to optimize them.
  2. Add feedback like surveys, ratings, or even just thumbs-up/thumbs down icons. Open the conversation with your readers and listen to the market.
  3. Put the focus on what your readers are interested in.
  4. Use email marketing tools like Mailchimp to get quantitative data such as open rates.
  5. Segment your audience and try different approaches and A/B test headlines, formats, and fundraising appeals.

Want to learn more about how email newsletters can help your nonprofit?

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