Why Your Business Needs a Customer Persona

Why an insightful Customer Persona unlocks customers

What is a Customer Persona?

The Customer Persona is a document establishing who are you selling to and why they want to buy. Although people often think of demographic information as most important, often the why part of the persona provides more value. But the reality is they work together.

One way to think of it is the Who part of the persona is the User ID and the Why is the Password. Together, they help you “unlock” the customer.

Unlocking Your Customer

The Who Part – the User ID

In the Who part of a Customer Persona, we capture Demographic, Professional and Personal characteristics.

Demographics like age, income, location and education are important to know. But they are only part of the picture. Marketers have learned that stopping at demographic research won’t provide solutions to the customer’s problems.

Professional characteristics such as a person’s industry, company or tools they like to use are very important for B2B marketing.

We’ll also look at personal traits like

  • Interests
  • Brands
  • Values

For personal interests, free-time activities are recorded. These can often be related to existing brands, giving insight into potential buying patterns.

For example, hobbies or interests can lead us to what brands appeal to a person. What are the best-selling brands of wet suits for cold water surfers? How are they marketed?

Many brands are marketed by values, like a reliable tire company, or a pharmaceutical company that says it’s products help people live with dignity. So we have an opportunity to hike down a path from a person’s interest, to brands, to values.

Another area to explore is where customers get their information. Do they read books, listen to podcasts, watch TV or internet influencers, belong to associations?

The information in the Who part of the persona will help identify the customer. But you also need the other half, the Why part, to unlock the customer.

The Why Part – The Password That Gets You Inside

The Why Part of the Customer Persona helps us dig in and find the right way to engage with our audience.

In fact, the most valuable part is next. We’re going to find your customers’ Pain Points, the reasons why they are motivated to buy a product or service.

Identifying Pain Points and Other Motivators

Let’s say we want to sell light beer to jocks who are in their 30s. We can’t just say, hey you’re 30, so buy this light beer. We have only identified this group as likely buyers.

But with some study, we can find what motivates them to buy light beer. We can use different types of research:

  • Competitive: What do your competitors do?
  • Internet: People like to share, right?
  • Customer: We can always ask your customers.

After the research phase is done, we can take what we learned and turn into action by listing Pain Points and solutions. Here’s an example from the light beer industry.

Light Beer Pain Points and Marketing Themes
Pain PointTheme
I want to drink light beer so I don’t gain weight.Our light beer has the lowest calories.
I want to drink light beer so I don’t gain weight, but I want it to taste good.Our beer tastes better than the other brand and only has one more calorie.

Creating Value From Insight

To capture these kind of insights, I will ask your customers what they think. I will also ask you to tell me everything about your business. You may be surprised with the answers we come up with when you have to verbalize what your customers need.

Once I’ve done the research, I use some proven formulas to state what the Pain Points really are.

The Value of the Persona

These personas are valuable because:

  1. The Who, or the “User ID”, gives you a clearer picture of who you are selling to.
  2. By unearthing the Why, we find the “Password” to unlock the customer.
  3. All your marketing efforts will map back to the discoveries made in the Persona.

Book Your Free Customer Persona

I offer a free Customer Persona to all my potential clients, not just because it can help you. It will also help me do the best Content Marketing I can for you. Every piece in an entire strategy has its origins in the power of the persona.

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