ESG: What is It?

With climate and social change concerns heating up, stakeholders expect more accountability from corporations and institutions. So you hear this acronym more often. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. You can view each element as a pillar containing five relevant issues. The Environmental pillar contains these issues: Climate Change Resource Depletion Waste Pollution DeforestationContinue reading “ESG: What is It?”

Why Your Business Needs a Customer Persona

Why an insightful Customer Persona unlocks customers What is a Customer Persona? The Customer Persona is a document establishing who are you selling to and why they want to buy. Although people often think of demographic information as most important, often the why part of the persona provides more value. But the reality is theyContinue reading “Why Your Business Needs a Customer Persona”

Content Marketing Works

Content Marketing is how people prefer to learn about your produce or service. 88% of consumers search for information before buying1. 70% consumers prefer to learn about new products through content, like blogs or podcasts, rather than advertising2. And these eager consumer-slash-researchers are more likely to buy. For 60%, good content is the inspiration forContinue reading “Content Marketing Works”

Unlock Your Email List with A Value-Add Newsletter

Marketing experts know that when it comes to getting to yes, email can a better tool than your website or paid internet ads. The numbers speak for themselves. According to the Content Marketing Institute, email newsletters rank high for securing, nurturing, and converting leads. It turns out that email, the thing everyone says they hate,Continue reading “Unlock Your Email List with A Value-Add Newsletter”


Long ago, a colleague introduced me to a thing called Information Mapping, a research-backed business writing style. Some of the tenets are  Write short sentences and paragraphs Use labels Use bullet lists and tables instead of lengthy paragraphs Integrate graphics Use an appropriate level of detail People often don’t read; they scan These guidelines instantlyContinue reading “Writing”