Content Services for Nonprofits

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What Clients Say

“Michael is an incredible collaborator.” ~ Elizabeth Quansah, Ph. D, Founder, JEQ Foundation

“Incredibly knowledgeable, effortful, super-effective, and kind.” ~ David A. Brown, Founder, Virtual Futbol Academy

Why Work with Me?

My job as a writer is to make your mission come alive, so supporters want to help you reach your vision.

As a consulting partner, I make sure everything I can control goes smoothly. 

I have a unique combination of nonprofit and corporate experience, content marketing writing knowledge, and certified project management skills. 

What’s Stopping You? 

What’s holding you back from completing the content you need to increase sales or donations?

  1. You don’t have time.
  2. You don’t have the staffing.
  3. You’re really not sure what to do.

By working with me, you’re augmenting your staff where and when you need it. And you’re getting a partner who knows how to create effective content.

Consider the opportunity costs of not completing essential content because you don’t have time, staff, or capability. While you’re waiting, people are flocking to sites that meet their needs now.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

Every organization wants to increase donations or sales. By not taking action, you will miss opportunities.

Contact me today to set up a consultation so we can create the content you need now.

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