Content Services for Nonprofits

Goat Content Strategy for Nonprofits

Learn to churn! Churn out content across multiple platforms with the Goat Content Strategy.

Did you know each goat can give up to three quarts of milk per day. You can make a pound of cheese for every five quarts of milk.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your GuideStar Profile

“I really need to get that GuideStar profile done.” 

Yes, you do — if you would like access to millions of potential donors on the Amazon, Salesforce, and Facebook giving platforms. And the 10 million viewers GuideStar itself gets each year.

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Content Services

  • High quality website and blog content
  • Sharp email and social media marketing
  • Increase donor and volunteer engagement

Michael is an incredible collaborator, passionate about his work, very reliable, committed, went beyond and above for our Foundation, and most importantly, he is very trustworthy. He brought life to our website and saved us huge sums of money that will go into providing college scholarships to excellent but needy students in Ghana.

Dr. Elizabeth I. Quansah Co-Founder and Co-President Joseph & Elizabeth Quansah (JEQ) Foundation

Why Your Business Needs a Customer Persona

Why an insightful Customer Persona unlocks customers What is a Customer Persona? The Customer Persona is a document establishing who are you selling to and why they want to buy. Although people often think of demographic information as most important, often the why part of the persona provides more value. But the reality is theyContinue reading “Why Your Business Needs a Customer Persona”

Content Marketing Works

Content Marketing is how people prefer to learn about your produce or service. 88% of consumers search for information before buying1. 70% consumers prefer to learn about new products through content, like blogs or podcasts, rather than advertising2. And these eager consumer-slash-researchers are more likely to buy. For 60%, good content is the inspiration forContinue reading “Content Marketing Works”